Deeper experience. Deeper dedication.

Meet the workforce that has provided electrical power to the region and the coal needed for the power plant’s coal-fired operation. Both are critical missions, demanding precision and reliability, and the specializations are many, from engineering to plant supervision, from CAD to electrical and instrumentation technology. More broadly, these missions require dedication and expert knowledge, along with mechanical and problem solving skills, technological skills, concentration, and detail-oriented focus. Workers must have extensive understanding of workplace safety and personal skills to work cohesively as part of a team.

This deep experience and these agile and transferable skills are a critical workforce advantage. Another important advantage—ties to a region that is also attracting new professionals and entrepreneurs through a superior quality of life. In contrast to the “great resignation” in other areas, the Craig workforce wants to stay, and that means valuable stability.

The benchmarks are solid here, including a regional labor shed of over 27,283 and a labor leakage of nearly 3,500 county workers leaving the county for employment. It’s also an educated population—21% with a bachelor’s degree or higher. And the dedication to your success is above and beyond.