Skills for today. Skills for tomorrow.

Ever-evolving skill requirements drive the future-focused quality of Colorado Northwestern Community College’s workforce training. CNCC’s innovative and flexible programming and tools are designed for the utmost agility and responsiveness to meet changing needs. 

More pathways to skills acquisition.
Craig lays down the foundation for a skilled workforce with a high-caliber K-12 system that includes concurrent enrollment at CNCC. High school students can enroll and begin coursework in any of CNCC’s multiple programs, such as business, agriculture, automotive technology, and cybersecurity. 

Multiple pathways, both in classroom settings and online, allow all CNCC students to tailor their education and training to their desired employment and life goals, and to their desired time frames, which may be as short as six weeks. The college is able to accommodate this wide range of needs through courses and certifications that may lead to academic credits, industry-recognized credentials, or both types of verification in academic courses with embedded industry credentials. Agile learning designs and innovation-rich delivery prepare students for real-world performance. That includes internships featured in many CNCC programs, providing valuable experience for students and valuable no-cost talent for employers. 

Custom workforce training: Skills Advance = Funding + Flexibility
With CNCC custom training, startups can move faster and business expansions can proceed with greater ease, whether training new employees or upskilling an existing team. While funding from Colorado’s Skills Advance program defrays costs, the CNCC training framework allows the utmost flexibility, for training designed by CNCC or by a selected third party, and delivered in a customized CNCC classroom or on the shop floor. CNCC custom training is precisely tailored to employer specs.

State and federal apprenticeships: Effectiveness and ease.
Apprenticeships offer a strategic combination of classroom and on-the-job learning at affordable costs. And as a registered state and federal sponsor, CNCC takes care of administrative paperwork, leaving the employers free to focus on productivity. For small businesses, apprenticeships can be a key advantage.

From initial skills acquisition to upskilling to “next skilling,” CNCC workforce training gets the job done.