The view from Craig is spectacular.

It’s hard to beat Craig’s scenic vistas, and if you look closer at what’s on offer for relocating business and industry, the profit and productivity picture gets even better. Craig rolls out advantages that help you thrive, including:

Skilled and ready workforce.
A local workforce transitioning from legacy extractive industry means ready transferrable skills and ready-to-work enthusiasm. The measures here are good—a regional labor shed of over 27,000 and an educated population, 21% of whom have bachelor’s degrees or higher. Another important measure—a workforce ready to go the distance.

A pro-business climate. A committed community.
Come to a community that takes your success personally and supports your success to the fullest. Tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen. In Craig, the business community works as one, and your prosperity is our number one goal.

The best of Colorado without high costs.
Colorado is a great place to live and work; the state’s business and population growth over the past decade-and-a-half prove that. But Colorado prices can be steep, and Craig gives you all the best of Colorado—magnificent outdoors, high quality of life, great educational advantages, all just 40 miles from the slopes of Steamboat Springs—at significantly lower costs. Colorado beauty and quality without high costs—Craig is an unmatched value.

Incentives that move the needle.
Colorado’s financial commitment to new and relocating business and industry isn’t just tangible, it’s transformative, especially here in Craig. Craig’s status as a transitioning community can allow qualified operations access to an aggregate of incentives that can be pivotal to faster profitability and ROI. In every way, Craig is the attractive business choice.

Timeless quality, timely advantages.
Check out the growing collection of dinosaur bones at the Northwest Colorado Field Museum at Colorado Northwestern Community College. Take in the wild mustangs running free at the Sand Wash Basin. Drink in the sunset at Dinosaur National Park. In Craig, timeless quality is part of life, but so too are on-trend amenities in a revitalizing downtown, excellent schools, and post-graduate opportunities.